Philippine Weekend Donation

Did you know that Philippine Weekend remains one of the longest running Filipino cultural festivals in the entire State?  Our events this year include the Grand Marshal Dinner/Dance, Miss and Mister Philippine Weekend Pageant, Tiny Tots Pageant, Tennis Tournament, Adobo Cook-off, Grand Parade, Dance Contest, Singing Contest, Basketball Tournament, Santa Cruzan Procession, and our main event, the Barrio Fiesta. 

Delano’s Philippine Weekend celebration dates back to July of 1975 and was started by local high school and college students.  What began as a simple basketball tournament to unite Delano’s Filipino community has evolved into a 43 year-old tradition that brings families of all backgrounds together.   The entire month-long celebration has been organized by the non-profit, all volunteer group known as Philippine Weekend, Inc.  Our events are truly a hometown celebration dedicated to celebrating , preserving, and sharing our Filipino culture and heritage.   In the past, our events have drawn thousands of people to Delano to participate in the multi-day celebrations.

Our main event, the Barrio Fiesta, showcases not only local talent, but also other well-known Filipino artists.  Philippine Weekend’s Barrio Fiesta has had the great fortune of hosting such talented performers as comedian Rex Navarrete, Filipino folk rock band Asin, American Idols Jasmine Trias and Jessica Sanchez, and many more!  2017 headliners include The Filharmonic from The Sing Off and Anatalia Villaranda from The Voice!

To this day, the Barrio Fiesta remains admission free and open to the pubic.  It is Philippine Weekend’s goal to keep it that way for years to come.  However, it takes tens of thousands of dollars and numerous local volunteers each year to organize and produce the entire Philippine Weekend celebration.   We rely entirely on the support of local citizens like you along with local businesses and corporations to fund the festivities.

To ensure that the Philippine Weekend festivities are sustained for future generations, we need your financial contributions and support more than ever and ask for your assistance in any way possible.  Our community has been very generous in the past and we thank you in advance for your continued support.


If you’d like to send a check, please mail check to:


PO Box 2403

Delano, CA 93216

To make an immediate donation, please click the “DONATE” button below. 

2016 Philippine Weekend Cultural Dancers 

Family and Friends, it’s that time of the year again. Time for hot weather and cultural dancing!! Please come this week to sign up yourself or young ones this week during the time thats provided in the picture. The UFO officers from the high school are looking forward to teaching the youths. ☺️ hope to see you there!
Also consent forms will be provided for the kids.

Mr. and Ms. Philippine Weekend at KGET


King Carl Marcuis and Queen Shailah Selena are the perfect Philippine Weekend representatives! Today, they were on the KGET-TV 17 News at 5am to invite everyone to our festival this weekend. They presented themselves and us with amazing poise and grace, and we could not be more proud! Long live King Marcuis and Queen Shailah!

Mr. and Ms. Philippine Weekend 2015


King Carl Mateo and Queen Shailah Pinoliar


2015 Mr./Miss Philippine Weekend Court

Awards and Recognitions
 Congeniality - Eric Morales and Bailey Serda
 Photogenic - Charles Rafanan and Bailey Serda
 Best in Native - Carl Mateo and Lisa Dato
 Talent -  Charles Rafanan and Sabrina Retuta
 Formalwear - Charles Rafanan & Shailah Pinoliar
 First Princess - Lisa Dato
 Mr. Philippine Weekend King - Carl Mateo
 Miss Philippine Weekend Queen - Shailah Pinoliar